Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Keaster!

Our Easter morning started out with a traditional hunt for our Easter baskets and the eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden. Hen we had to hurry up and get ready for our 9:00 church. The kids of course had a blast, and they loved the things that the Easter bunny brought. I had a nice Sunday nap thanks to the fact that my husband actually had the day off, yippee! We made a yummy dinner of Cornish game hens, and all of the usual holiday sides. The best part of the day was our dinner conversation. Kayleigh started telling us everything that she knows about the resurrection. Which I thought was quite a lot for a 4 year old. Then, she wanted to know why the guards didn’t see Jesus leave. She waned to know if they were sleeping, and how exactly did Jesus get out of the tomb. I was shocked. The only question she usually has during our family lessons is, “Is it time for our snack yet”. We talked about the story in Matthew, were an angel came from Heaven to let Jesus out of his tomb. She was really interested. It just reminded me of what a big girl she is becoming, and how much she really listens to us. That was defniantly the best part of my Easter day.

I'll post a few Easter Egg hunt photo's in the morning. Right now, I am warn out and I am going to bed.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Surgery Day

I started to write a long detailed post about how hard yesterday was, but I decided that I doubt everyone really wants to hear me whine that much. I just will give you the bare basics. Just know that Adam couldn’t come, and it was really hard. But, I better just get use to it. We were to be at the hospital at 6:45. So, we dropped Blake off at a friend’s house, and off we went. Of course, after taking all of her stats (blood pressure, height, weight, etc.), they gave her a medicine that makes the kids very happy and I carried her into the operating room at 7:50. The surgery took a bout an hour. I was in the recovery room with her by 9:15, and we were home again by 1:00. It just took forever for her to wake up, and the anesthesia made her sick. She has about 5 stitches on her tummy and she is pretty sore, but she is a lot better today. She keeps saying things like, “don’t hurt my button”. She did get a pretty cool bandage that she gets to wear for 5 days. She can’t play rough or lift any thing for two weeks, and can’t take a bath for a week. It’s going to be hard on her and me. She was a brave girl and I am really proud of her.

Kayleigh before surgery, getting her blood pressure taken.

Kayleigh after surgery, doesn't she look so sad.

Here is her cool kitty bandage

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cookie Monster

Blake stealing cookies

He loves jumping onto the couch from here

Trying to steal a bite of his sister's cereal

Busy Nothings

This week has been pretty busy. Adam has been gone A LOT like usual and I have been trying to get lots of errands done. Tonight, I have to make decorations for enrichment night on Thursday night. I also am suppose to be making a multicultural costume for K's school. Apparently, no one else sews. Not that I do, but I at least own a sewing machine and can read a pattern. I will post pictures of that when I start the sewing. I bet it will be funny.

Blake has become quite the climber lately, and boy has he been keeping me busy. I often find him on top of the kitchen table, or with a chair pushed up to the kitchen counter. Yesterday he was on the table trying to steal his sister's breakfast when I came into the room. It is cute, but scary. I know he is going to fall soon. I will add some pictures later.

Kayleigh is having her umbilical hernia fixed on Friday. It is really simple to fix. It is just a small incision through the belly button. I am still worried for her. She isn't that concerned yet. She is excited about the mask that smells like berries, and getting to ride on the bed.

Other than that we are just prepping for Easter, and getting excited that we can finally see our grass for the first time since November. It is so nice that warmer temps are finally here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Does anyone have a shampoo from the grocery store that they really like. I have been using the professional kind for way to long, and I have decided that I just don't want to pay for it anymore. Any suggestions?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Friends

I add some links to the side of my blog. Please do not be offended if you are not listed over there. I know a lot of people like to keep their blogs a bit more private. I just added those who have me linked on their pages. Just because you are not listed, doesn't mean that you are not my friend. If you would like your link added or removed let me know. Also, K wanted me to add this picture from yesterday. She thinks it is really funny. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Look.

Kayleigh decided it was time to give herself a hair cut yesterday. I new the day would come. It wasn't as bad as it could have been. She took a few snips from all over, not a big chunk from one spot. Luckily, it was pulled half way up and the short chunks in the back are covered up by the top layer. So, yesterday we took her in and had them blend what was needed and cut the rest shorter. I think the final hair cut is pretty cute. I am still finding chunks of hair hidden around the house.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A different kind of plumber

Adam usually refers to himself as a plumber of men. ( He is a urology resident right now ). Last night he got to do some plumbing in our house. After putting a lot of lettuce down the garbage disposal, Adam noticed a big puddle of water seeping up through the main line in the basement laundry room. We ended up with a pretty gross mess, and of course I wanted to share it with all of you. We had to run to Home Depot to buy a snake to clean the line. Besides Kayleigh and I being sick, and a really big pile of dirty laundry that got wet in the flood, we haven't had any problems today. Kayleigh is now on a steroid treatment for her asthma. She has to take is for 5 days. Her doctor said that "It would make her more active, eat more, and have trouble sleeping." It sounds like a fun week, huh. On a fun note, we saw two deer wander down our street tonight, while I was making dinner. One of my neighbors told me that they come up to eat the crab apples out of the trees when they get hungry. That was the first time I had seen it. Kayleigh and I tried to get a picture, but they were gone by the time we got out the camera.

Poor Me

So I have had an ear infection since last Thursday. I hate taking my kids to any kind of appointment with me. They are usually very naughty, and I decided that I would try to suffer through rather than go to the Doctor. Yes, Adam is a Doctor, but he can't right prescriptions outside of the hospital yet. Anyway, I spent my weekend being pretty miserable. But I can't hear out of my right ear anymore. That is a bonus when the kids are loud. A doctor that I go to church with wrote a script for me last night for some antibiotics,and hopefully I will be better soon. So today I will be taking lots of pain killers and laying on the couch with a heating pad on my ear. Oh I do get to take my kids to the doctor today because they are sick again too. More fun for me