Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Happy Birthday to me! Today was my 30th birthday. I always thought it would feel a lot older than it does. I definitely don’t feel much wiser. Some of my friends had a surprise dinner party for me on Saturday night. It was really sweet of them, and I have to say it was the first time I think I had ever been “surprised” at a surprise party. Today was a relatively good day. Kayleigh was on her best behavior, and was trying to be extra good for me. She picked out a birthday outfit for me to wear, and even took me on a morning walk. Adam ordered a cake and we had a little family party here when he got home from work. My big present from the family was Guitar Hero. We are all pretty excited about it. I have wanted it since we got the Wii for Christmas. I really stink at it, but I know I will get better with lots of practice. I did get a few "YOU ROCK"'s tonight.

30 is a whole lot of candles

K and I rocking out on Guitar Hero