Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So the month got away from us, without blogging. I decided to do a month recap in one post.

Adam’s parents, brother and sister came to visit us. It was really fun to see them. We had lots of fun with them. We went to the park, The National Eagle Center

the zoo,

the SPAM museum. We also roasted hot dogs, made smores in the back yard, and played guitar hero. Adam’s brother Phil plays on expert. I aspire to be like him some day. I'll post some pictures of the SPAM museum, if Liz sends them to me.

Kayleigh really liked to crawl in bed with her Aunt Liz. Here is a picture of them together.

Blake also turned 18 months and started attending the nursery class at school. This is very exciting for me

Adam completed his intern year, and is on to his second year of residency. It doesn't mean much to the kids or me. He still has to work to hard, sleep to little, and defiantly not see us enough. But, at least now he has started in his own program and he likes what he is doing. That really makes it more bearable.