Friday, April 4, 2008

Essex Park

Today we really wanted to go to a small local zoo for a grand finale for spring break. But, little Blake would not comply with his nap schedule. So we ended up going to a local park late this afternoon with my friend Maryn and her kids. It was our first trip to the park since the fall, and the kids had lots of fun. It was a brand new experience for Blake. It was cute to see him try and climb all of the play equipment. There is nothing like a few hours at the park to wear them out. Hopefully all will sleep well tonight.

p.s. this is my favorite park because their are no swings! I get so tired of the pushing...

Kayleigh on the slide

Blake was so dirty. He kept falling in the mulch. It looks like he must have ate some. oops! Isn't this park pretty? I love all the trees in the summer time, they look so green. I'm so excited for spring.

Kayleigh is 4 and she is already very boy crazy. She loves to chase and to be chased by them. She especially love to be caught. When she and Evan play, she is often the damsel in distress, and he is the knight that needs to rescue her. Luckly for her he is all for it. Today, she was pretending to be tied to a pole, but he came and set her free. It was so funny.


Shaela said...

Cute pictures! Looking forward to some zoo pics when you go there too!

Shelly M. said...

Cute pictures, Sarah. Ethan came home one day with mud all over his shirt and I asked what happened. He said, "Oh, the girls were throwing mud at me and then they chased me around the playground." So I know what you mean about these kids wanting to chase and be chased. It's too funny!

Shelly said...

I love having no swings too! But Jayden can swing himself so that's a big help. I can't believe she's into boys already!! Yikes.