Sunday, October 24, 2010

The before

When were house shopping in Rochester.  The first room that I walked into in this house, was the kitchen.  I saw it, and wanted to walk out.  Even though it might look "ok" in the pictures, it's pretty gross.  The b&w stick on tiles were sliding around.  The paint on the cabinets started peeling off  the day we moved in.  On the inside of the cabinets there was old vents that took up most up of the space.  We painted it blue, so we weren't blinded by  the too bright yellow, and started saving for new kitchen right away.  We dreamed of something new for 3 years, and we finally did it!


DeCaires Family said...

Bake me some goodies and send them my way. It looks amazing! I bet you love every minute of it.