Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last week was fall break for Minnesota for an education convention. So, we packed up the kids and headed for the Wisconsin Dells. We had a great time. We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge, and it was so much fun. Our kids, like most, love to stay in hotels. When it has a built in water park, they are ecstatic. With 3 full days of fun, we were actually able to wear Blake out. He was tired. He wanted to be carried everywhere and sat still (that never normally happens) the whole last day. The baby slept pretty well. He and I both had colds, that bothered him more than sleeping with all of us. Adam and I made a pact not to take pictures of each other in out swim suits. We both have post baby figures that we are not very proud of. But, here are a few pictures of our fun time!

Kayleigh loved all the slides that weren't dark. But her favorite part was the wave pool. She loved jumping and bobbing in the waves. She was fun to watch.

Blake really just wanted to stick to the baby pool most of the time. He really wanted to try the body slides, but he couldn't work up the courage. It was weird for me to see him afraid, because he is usually fearless. Next time I am sure he will be out of control. He love riding the slides where he could sit in the tubes with us. My arms were so sore from carrying the tube up the stairs.

We also saw a man that had to be the hairiest man alive. I couldn't help but stare. I would have taken a picture, but I thought it would be rude, You will just have to make a mental one.


Shelly said...

You know I'd love to see that hairy man just to laugh. I'm trying not to picture him!

The Childs Family said...

SO FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Glad that y'all had some awesome family time! And YUCKY...I thought I had seen the hairiest man at Splashtown when I went back in the day...SO GROSS!

Steph said...

Ahhhh, the Dells! Glad you guys had a good time. Welcome back to the tundra. :)