Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday Sledding

Adam came home a bit early last Saturday and took the kids sledding. They had such a great time, together. I have given up all snow activities for the rest of the year, and I had a much needed hour of "alone" time. Here are a few pictures.

It was a bit cold, and windy, but they loved it.

Blake is ready to go. He loves to ride on his tummy!


The Childs Family said...

What a great pic of the kids...and BRRRR...I can handle the 80 degree weather we are having. :) Wish y'all were here!

mnjacksons said...

cute kiddos! I love your blanket- your so good! you could give lessons to the YW! see ya soon

Steph & Wade said...

Wow, I've missed a few posts. So much to say. :) Love the family pics, you look great, can't even tell you're pregnant in them. Always a plus! And the pic Adam took of your kids while out sledding are priceless. You have beautiful kids...they must get that from you!

Stevens said...

Hey! I haven't checked in for a while and didn't even know you were pregnant! congrats. You look great - I love the family pictures and you are so domestic. Glad to see things are going well. It sounds like you're ready for Spring!