Monday, November 5, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Here are a few pictures of the carving our pumkin that K named "Spooky"

Happy Halloween 2007

We had a very Happy Halloween here in Minnesota. With all the usual festivities: pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and getting sick on way to much candy. Kayleigh decided that she and Blake needed to be a cat and mouse. There was no swaying her to anything else. I really wanted to dress Blake as a spider, but oh well. They ended up both looking really cute. I believe that she thinks of him as her little prop. My friend Jolene made K’s cat ears. They just clipped into her hair. It was a very easy and warm costume. Adam was on vacation so her could go trick-or-treating with us. It was cool out, but such a nice night. Our friend’s Maryn and Eric brought over their son Evan, and they went out with us. We kept our kids up way to late, but all had a good time.

"Just a couple of kittens out on the town."

Fall Leaves

We spent the morning a few weeks ago raking the leaves in the front lawn. We bagged 11 large sacks full, and the tree still has half of its leaves to drop. Kayleigh thought it was lots of fun. She loved to crawl in the big piles and hide. It was such a warm pretty day. This tree normally turns red, but we had a really dry summer

Kayleigh mowing the lawn with her daddy