Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Announcement

After 5 years, Adam is almost done with his residency.  We finally signed our contract for a job starting in July, and we will be moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas!  I know, it is a random place, and not very many people’s dream city.  But, we are really excited about it.  It seems perfect to us.  I have to say that I will be sad to leave Minnesota.  I have really loved it here.  Now we get to look forward to being closer to our families, and seeing a lot more of Adam.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Morning hair

Do you ever just wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and have to laugh.  Lately, I have been sporting some awesome morning do's.  I've started to take pictures.  Adam is a lucky man to get to wake up to this every morning.  It is probably a good thing that he gets up way before me, and its dark.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Farewell old friend

Adam was in the middle of a car pileup while doing his pediatric rotation in the cities.  Besides some whiplash he is fine. But, his old blue Honda was not.  The rear end looked like this.  The exhaust was pushed up into the trunk, and the frame was bent.  We are very thankful that he was safe.  It was a sad day when we said farewell to his car as it was being towed to the scrap yard.


Lone Star
December 2000-March 2011

We had a lot of good memories with Lone Star.  Dates, road trips, racing to the hospital to deliver babies.  We even hit a deer once, with minimal damage.   He will be missed.  Especially by Adam, who will be riding his bike to work until we buy a new car.  

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Congratulate Me

We are just finishing up 10 weeks of Adam living, and working in Minneapolis, while I was here, at home, with the kids, all my MYSELF.  
Unless you are counting the 2 weeks where my mom, and then the in-laws came to help out.  We have the best parents.  
I did it with no whining, at least over the internet.  
Sure, Adam came home on the weekends.   But it was still hard, and lonely. 
 I had to take out the trash, in mostly sub zero weather, shovel snow, also in mostly sub zero weather, and put the kids to bed all by myself....
We really missed him, and it will be nice to have our “dad” home again.  Except tonight he is working. (sigh...)  

Did I tell you that Adam has decided to NOT do a fellowship?  I am one HAPPY women these days.  The next 14 month of residency seem pretty easy right now.      

The newest Mr. and Mrs. Childs

Adam's little brother just got married.  We took a quick 3 day trip to Idaho to be there for the sealing.  It was so fun.  Everyone (minus Phil who is in Peru) was able to be there, AND we were all kid free.  Which meant that were actually able to hold conversations with each other.

Here is a picture of the bride and groom.

This is Julie, my newest sister-in-law.  That's 4 now.  We are very excited to have as part of our family.  Isn't she cute.  She was a very pretty bride.  Her dress was fabulous.  It was SO windy and COLD at the temple in Rexburg, I didn't take that many pictures.

It was a great trip.  We stayed up way to late, ate way to much food (I made my first trip to Cafe Rio), swam, and watched movies in Uncle Dave's theater.  Hopefully, the next time we fly to Utah, we will have time to see friends, and not just drive through.