Saturday, April 16, 2011

The newest Mr. and Mrs. Childs

Adam's little brother just got married.  We took a quick 3 day trip to Idaho to be there for the sealing.  It was so fun.  Everyone (minus Phil who is in Peru) was able to be there, AND we were all kid free.  Which meant that were actually able to hold conversations with each other.

Here is a picture of the bride and groom.

This is Julie, my newest sister-in-law.  That's 4 now.  We are very excited to have as part of our family.  Isn't she cute.  She was a very pretty bride.  Her dress was fabulous.  It was SO windy and COLD at the temple in Rexburg, I didn't take that many pictures.

It was a great trip.  We stayed up way to late, ate way to much food (I made my first trip to Cafe Rio), swam, and watched movies in Uncle Dave's theater.  Hopefully, the next time we fly to Utah, we will have time to see friends, and not just drive through.