Saturday, April 16, 2011

Congratulate Me

We are just finishing up 10 weeks of Adam living, and working in Minneapolis, while I was here, at home, with the kids, all my MYSELF.  
Unless you are counting the 2 weeks where my mom, and then the in-laws came to help out.  We have the best parents.  
I did it with no whining, at least over the internet.  
Sure, Adam came home on the weekends.   But it was still hard, and lonely. 
 I had to take out the trash, in mostly sub zero weather, shovel snow, also in mostly sub zero weather, and put the kids to bed all by myself....
We really missed him, and it will be nice to have our “dad” home again.  Except tonight he is working. (sigh...)  

Did I tell you that Adam has decided to NOT do a fellowship?  I am one HAPPY women these days.  The next 14 month of residency seem pretty easy right now.      


Carolyn Hanson said...

Congratulations, Sarah!

And YAY for no fellowship too!

DeCaires Family said...

Exciting! You are on the downward slope and you can see that light. You are such a trooper! Any by yourself all that time without Adam? I'd be self soothing with ice cream and chocolate every night!

Shelly M. said...

WoW! 10 weeks!! That's a long time. I have a tough time with two weeks. Glad your family is all back together.

Melanie said...

You are a good woman! I had to do one month alone and that was plenty long enough.

Do you think Adam could talk my hubby out of doing a fellowship? Or two? :) He's already got one lined up for when we leave here next summer, and is looking at a second one to do after the first...