Friday, August 6, 2010


I have been shopping for headboards for years.  I have just never found something that I loved, for a price I was willing to pay.  But, this was perfect.  It was made in a day.  The total cost for the lumber was $30.  It makes me feel so grown-up to have a headboard.  Its a knock off of a PB piece.  What do you think?

mine, $30

PotteryBarn Mason headboard, $800

Now, if I could just get the rest of the room to look like that!


Lorraine said...

Sarah! Thanks for friending me on FB. It's good to see you, and your family is so cute. How are you liking MN? We just moved to East Texas, near Longview. Take care!

Brewer Bunch said...

Wow!! It looks EXACTLY The same... minus the $770 difference!! That's awesome!

Jenny N said...

pretty impressive! nice work.

Shelly M. said...

That looks awesome! Great job!!