Sunday, May 3, 2009

Any day now

I'm sore. I'm tired. I'm grouchy and, I whine all the time. I can hardly breathe. I don't really fit into any clothes anymore. I even wore flip flops to church today, because I can't fit into dress shoes. I just keep waiting. I think that I am being punished for bragging about having my babies early. I have definitely learned that every baby is different. Although, I am still just as huge. Kayleigh keeps asking me if I am sure just one baby is in there, and Blake gets so confused when he is laying on me and the baby rolls over. Hopefully my next post will be of a much smaller me and a cute new baby!

Here is a picture of just the two girls. Adam swears it is like looking at a five year old me. Personally, I dont think I was ever this cute.


Shelly said...

That is the cutest picture of the two of you! And you do look cute as a pregnant mama. It will be over soon (the pregnancy) and then the fun (and not so fun) part will begin!

Melanie said...

The last couple weeks just stink! There is no other way to describe them. I hope baby #3 takes pity on you soon and decides to vacate the premises.

You and Kayleigh look very cute together. I think you look great, but I hate that point where hardly anything fits. Talk about depressing. :)

Unknown said...

That'd be tough to have had early babies before and now this! Brit was 5 days before his due date, so I guess I have nothing different to expect in the future. Those last few days I was so anxious! Isn't it awesome to think you'll have a newborn in a couple days???!!

Shelly M. said...

Cute pictures, Sarah! This is always the hardest part...the waiting and anticipation. I hope you have a sweet little one in your arms soon.

I think Kayleigh looks just like you, too.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there :) Can't wait to see pictures!