Sunday, October 5, 2008

So, what has been going on...

Have you ever just sat down to blog and felt like you have NOTHING to blog about. I have felt like that for months. Then it had been so long it is just really hard to get back into it. But for YOU, the one person that still checks, I will rededicate myself to blogging.

The summer past by way to quickly here. Since it has been so long, I will give individual updates.

Blake- is defiantly not a little baby anymore. His new favorite work is MINE, and he yells it all the time. I think he just likes his sister’s reaction. He has had a rough summer of teething. His molars are finally almost all in. I thought he would only have 8 teeth forever. He loves: slides, babies, his blanky, the lawn mower, home improvement shows on TV, and his dad.

Kayleigh- finally turned 5 on August 22. We decided that we would wait one more year for her to start kindergarten, so I get to enjoy one more year of my little girl home with me. She loves: drawing pictures, play Barbie’s, my little pony, and her favorite movie is Spirit. She quotes lines from it all the time. She is very excited for Christmas time and snowy weather.

Adam is very busy with work. He is gone by 5:30, and usually not home until way after the ids are in bed. He also almost never has a weekend off. He really likes the surgeries that he is doing, and his having fun. We just really wish that he could see the kids al little more often.

Me- I’m all right. I am not looking forward to another long winter, but I am excited to have another year of residency over. I was called into the Young Women’s presidency over the summer and it is lots of fun. I love being with the girls, and I get to work with some really great women. It also gives me something else to do besides the house and the kids. I really need that.

I will try to blog ever day this week if I can to post events that have been happening. Stay tuned…


sarah said...

I totally know how you feel about having nothing to blog about. I never do. I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I can't imagine not having my husband home hardly ever.

Shelly M. said...

Yea! A new blog!

Thanks for the update on your family. I really have been wondering what you have been up to lately. Sounds like you are staying busy.

Can't wait for all your posts this week.

Anonymous said...

finally!!! I am so proud of you for updating! :)

Shelly said...

I read your keep it going! I want to hear about any updates!