Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sick again

I haven't forgotten about blogging, the kids and I all have colds. I am to busy cleaning up after everyone, wiping noses, and feeling sick myself to sit down at the write. Hopefully I will feel better in a few days.


Stevens said...

Hi Sarah! i'm glad you found our blog. It's fun to catch up on what your family is up to and to finally see Blake. He's a cutie! Looks like life is good and busy (especially for Adam - you amaze me!!) Hope your colds are gone!

Shelly said...

Come out...come out...wherever you are!!

masonchrissy said...

Keep up on the bloggin'. I know its hard . I have my weeks where nothing is posted. I am sure there is a mess that you can post. Look out for the butter falling out of the fridge.. see my next post