Sunday, October 7, 2007

Thursday night Kayleigh came into our room and woke me up because she was itchy 4-5 times. Her eczema can be pretty bad, so this isn’t that uncommon for us. I was really getting to be annoyed though. On Friday morning when she woke up, I saw her leg and it looked like this.

I guess it’s hard to tell from the photo’s, but its really red and hard. I started to really worry about it because she had a mosquito bite a few weeks a go in the same spot that became infected. She did a course of antibiotics and we assumed that it got better. Apparently it didn’t. I took her into the doctor and she actually was more concerned about it than I was. It is infected by a very resilient strain of bacteria called MRSA. Probably a strain that her daddy brought home from work. The doctor gave us some really strong antibiotics, and drew a line around it with a surgical marker. If it grew any larger that the line we were suppose to take her in to the hospital. It made for one really long Friday night. We had to keep taking her temperature and it did start creeping across in one spot around 3 a.m., but after 2 doses on the meds it looked a lot better. I was so worried for her.


Shelly said...

I read about that in Reader's Digest and it can be deadly! That's good you caught it early on. And it helps that your hubby is a doctor!

DeCaires Family said...

That looks so horrible. I am glad everything turned out ok. I have seen stuff like that on all the doctor shows. I'm glad it turned out ok.