Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Events of the day

My phone quit working about 2 weeks ago and I have had such a hard time getting someone from the cable company to come out and fix it. I had two previously scheduled appointments, but they failed to show up both times. I was furious! But, short of canceling the service, there was nothing that I could do. It’s hard to get a satellite signal here in the winter, so I really want to stick with cable. They finally kept their appointment today and it was fixed in no time. What a relief. Now it’s on to bigger problems, like getting the roof fixed.
I also signed up for my YMCA membership today. I am so excited about it. It will be nice to have a place to drop the kiddos off and exercise. Maybe I can loose my post pregnancy pooch now. The have an indoor swimming pool so we can swim year round. We went today and Kayleigh and Blake both loved it. Kayleigh starts her swimming lessons next week.
Oh, Blake tried to fish toilet paper out of the toilet for the first time today. Lovely, huh. I need to teach Kayleigh to flush.


Shelly said...

That's nice about the toilet paper! I've always been a stickler for putting the lid down. It's hard to keep it that way in a house of 3 boys!

DeCaires Family said...

Ok, lets get you into the gym. We can have a competition to see who loses there 15 lbs first and whoever loses has to drive to see the other one. Deal?