Monday, April 18, 2011

Farewell old friend

Adam was in the middle of a car pileup while doing his pediatric rotation in the cities.  Besides some whiplash he is fine. But, his old blue Honda was not.  The rear end looked like this.  The exhaust was pushed up into the trunk, and the frame was bent.  We are very thankful that he was safe.  It was a sad day when we said farewell to his car as it was being towed to the scrap yard.


Lone Star
December 2000-March 2011

We had a lot of good memories with Lone Star.  Dates, road trips, racing to the hospital to deliver babies.  We even hit a deer once, with minimal damage.   He will be missed.  Especially by Adam, who will be riding his bike to work until we buy a new car.  


Shelly M. said...

I am so sorry foro your loss. ;)