Monday, October 12, 2009

Blake's Blankie

When Blake was about 5 months old we noticed that he was easily soothed when he was wrapped up in his soft, blue blanket. My good mother went and bought 2 more so we had a few to spare. Thanks to her smart thinking, Blake is is never without his ”Blank”. He is still quite attached. We never take it out of the house. But, it is always with him at home and he always needs it to go to sleep. No matter where that might be. He is such a cute boy. Can you believe that he is almost 3?


DeCaires Family said...

look at how cute he is.....and I am impressed at how clean it is under their bed! He is adorable. I've been thinking about you, hope everything is going well!

Summer said...

I'm just impressed that the floors under your beds are so clean - don't look under mine : )