Thursday, April 9, 2009

The bunkbed

Here are a few pictures of the kids new bunk bed. They are sleeping great together so far. I think they spend less time worrying about what the other one is doing, and they just go to sleep. I'm sure this phase will end soon and they will start to play. The only real issue that we had was Blake falling out on to the floor a few times. We borrowed a roll gaurd from my friend Marissa, and he has been fine since. We still need to hang up pictures, put up curtains, finish the pillows, and a few other things. I'm tired and in no hurry though.

Here are a few shots of the rest of the room.

This is a closer shot of K's duvet. We made them reversible. Kayleigh loves to rearrange things in her room. She flips it over all the time. It is perfect for her.

Kayleigh has to make her own bed now, no excuses. I am NOT climbing up there.

Isn't my friend Denae great for helping me make them! She is so nice to let me bring my wild kids to her house and use her serger. She is moving to West Virginia soon, and I am so sad. She will be missed!


Shelly said...

Those bedspreads are so cute. Did you make them? We have the exact same bunk bed for the boys. They love it.

DeCaires Family said...

Great job! I'm hoping to have Shelly teach me how to use my serger this summer....ha ha!

Shelly said...

The duvet covers turned out great!! Congrats

The Childs Family said...

I am just amazed...go you! Job well done!